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Flat Hoses and Filters
Long-lasting tightness


PVC ventilation hoses are produced for a whole host of applications worldwide. Flexible ventilation ducts with various lengths and diameters, used for air supplies in mines, represent one of the key areas in which these hoses are used. However, they are also found in tunnels and working areas that are at risk of explosion. In most cases, the aim of the aeration process is to dilute the explosive methane gas so that it becomes a non-explosive, non-flammable mixture, or to remove dust after blasting. It goes without saying that safety is of the utmost priority in this situation.

Overpressure air ducts must be able to withstand a pressure test of up to 16,000 Pa, while universal designs for underpressure must be able to withstand up to 9,000 Pa. Overlap welding machines from Leister are the tools that can guarantee the seam strength required in these applications. The VARIMAT T1 welds a seam width of 40 mm the most commonly required width in a way that ensures long-lasting tightness. This versatile machine operates at up to 18 m/min, making it an unparalleled choice in its class. Despite this outstanding performance, it weighs just 22 kg. Not only is it known for its outstanding performance, but it also is easy to handle, and all the relevant parameters can be monitored and controlled using the e-Drive operating concept. Other machines such as the UNIPLAN E are ideal for smaller hoses. In these applications, Leister hot-air hand tools also have proven to be an excellent choice for details and complicated connections.

CIPP (Cured in place pipe) Repair hoses for sewer
With the SEAMTEK 900 AT hoses and filters can be processed in large quantities. Even with a welding speed of up to 22 m / min the SEAMTEK reaches tight lasting and perfect welds. From start to finish, each step of the welding process is digitally controlled - for optimum accuracy and integrity. With its easily configurable, modular construction, and wide range of pressure rollers and nozzle widths, the SEAMTEK 900 AT guarantees the greatest flexibility.

  • Efficient welding of tap seams with a high level of seam strength
  • Processing of details
Leister has the solution
Thanks to these automatic welders, even long tap seams can be welded to ensure the utmost tightness. Various hand welding tools and a wide range of accessories are available too.
  • Reliable welding of long tap seams measuring up to 40 mm wide
  • Wide range of hand welding tools and matching nozzles
  • Long service life with low maintenance requirements

Welding Machines
The efficient welding machine welds hems from beginning to end. Ideal for smaller and medium-sized promotional ban-ners and tarpaulins.
The Seamtek 900 AT makes every weld easy. Its great flexibility with completely regulated welding parameters makes this machine the in-dispensable all-rounder for welding technical and industrial textiles. A wide range of accessories guarantees that it can be modified for special applications.

Hot-air hand tools
The TRIAC AT is an intelligent hot-air hand tool for welding and shrinking plastics that is suitable for on-site use.
Handiness, reliability and versatility are the key arguments in favor of the TRIAC ST.

Hot-air Welder
The UNIPLAN is available in two performance models: UNIPLAN 300 and UNIPLAN 500. Both automatic welders are ideal for overlap, hem, and pipe welding either on a table or on the ground.
The UNIPLAN is available in two performance models: UNIPLAN 300 and UNIPLAN 500. Both automatic welders are ideal for overlap, hem, and pipe welding either on a table or on the ground.
VARIANT T1 Overlap
The sturdy VARIANT T1 Overlap is distinguished by its outstanding top speed of up to 18 m/min. Combined with a slim, compact design, it a...