EXAIR produces high quality compressed air equipment for a wide variety of compressed air applications,
based on reduced air consumption, economy and low noise levels.
  Minimize compressed air use
  and detect wasteful leaks.
  Big energy saving.
  Air Knives
  Blowoff, clean, dry and cool
  less noise and air consumption.
  Air Wipes
  Blowoff, dry, clean and cool pipe,
  cable, extruded shapes and hose.
  Air Amplifiers
  Vent, exhaust, cool, dry and
  clean with no moving parts.
  Air Nozzles and Jets
  Reduce noise levels and air
  costs on blowoff operations.
  Safety Air Guns
  Safety air guns use engineered
  air nozzles for high performance.
  Static Eliminators
  Eliminate static electricity,
  dustand shock hazard.
  Vacuum Generators
  Vacuums for lifting, clamping,,
  mounting and placement.
  Air Operated Conveyors
  Convey parts, materials and
  waste with no moving parts.
  Industrial Housekeeping
Reliable vacuums for chip removal,
  liquid transfer and cleaning.
  Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling
 Cold air for industrial spot
  cooling problems.
  Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems
  Cool machining operations
  with clean, cold air.
  Cabinet Coolers
  Reliable way to cool and purge
  electronic control panels
  thermostatically controlled,
  without dust or moisture.
  Mufflers, filters, regulators,
  valves, swivel fittings and more.