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Pool covers have a lot of advantages. They protect the pool from external influences and are more cost effective (lower energy and operating costs). The Leister machines UNIPLAN and VARIANT, as well as the stationary welder SEAMTEK, make it possible to produce inflatable and floating covers of any size or shape efficiently and in top quality. The tried-and-tested UNIPLAN E is particularly well suited to smaller companies and products. Our compact and fast lap welding machine VARIANT T1 not only welds lap seams, fillet welds and hem seams made from various materials, it can also be easily converted to a tape welding machine. The digital technology in the SEAMTEK welder guarantees that welds are sealed tightly and perfectly. It has a modular construction so that it can be quickly modified, and a large selection of various drive wheels and nozzle widths offer the most flexibility. The clever tape guide system makes positioning the material easier and keeps it taut up to the final welding point. In combination with the three accessory kits, it is the welder that can be specifically set to weld almost any plastic

  • Lap, hem, band and sealed seam welding
  • Efficient welding of lap seams with a high level of seam strength
Leister has the solution
Alongside quality, other particular demands that must be fulfilled when welding pool covers are those of flexibility and economy. Leister offers the appropriate machines and matching accessories for many different applications.
  • Modularly built and quickly modified to match specific customer needs
  • Efficient welding with powerful equipment
  • Precise tool guidance
  • Wide range of accessories

Welding Machines
The efficient welding machine welds hems from beginning to end. Ideal for smaller and medium-sized promotional ban-ners and tarpaulins.
The Seamtek 900 AT makes every weld easy. Its great flexibility with completely regulated welding parameters makes this machine the in-dispensable all-rounder for welding technical and industrial textiles. A wide range of accessories guarantees that it can be modified for special applications.

Hot-air Welder
The UNIPLAN is available in two performance models: UNIPLAN 300 and UNIPLAN 500. Both automatic welders are ideal for overlap, hem, and pipe welding either on a table or on the ground.
The VARIANT T1 TAPE used for welding webbing and reinforcement tapes and anti-vandalism tapes in vehicle tarpaulin production.
VARIANT T1 Overlap
The sturdy VARIANT T1 Overlap is distinguished by its outstanding top speed of up to 18 m/min. Combined with a slim, compact design, it a...