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Ignition with hot air
Quick and clean

Biomass is becoming increasingly popular as a heating fuel. In addition to the impressive CO2 figures, the advanced and efficient boilers are another good reason for adopting this technology. From time to time, the wood that is used to fuel all these boilers has to be reignited. Naturally, this is controlled electronically, takes place automatically, and in the majority of cases relies on hot-air blowers from Leister.
Leister has developed the IGNITER ignition blower specifically for use in pellet and wood chip heating systems. The interfaces have been carefully selected so that the ignition blowers can be installed in any boiler with ease.

Leister has the solution
With the Leister IGNITER hot-air blower you can ignite your pellet and wood chip heating systems quickly, cleanly, and reliably.

Ignition blower
Interface with alarm contact and potentiometers for stepless control of heater and blowers.
Specially developed for installation in pellet and wood chip heating systems. Up to 3400 W performance.