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Outdoors & Apparel

Wouldn’t you be happy to finally have a truly waterproof raincoat? As more and more customers are looking at the waterproofness of a product, especially for sports and outdoor equipment, seams needs to be completely leak-proof, which is hard to achieve with conventional methods. Needle stitching always leaves holes no matter how tiny. Whether you want to seal a seam with a band or directly weld two thermoplastics together – Leister has the right solution. Many brand-name companies are now using the demonstrated technology and reliability of the Leister SEAMTEK 900 AT. SEAMTEK 900 AT can weld or seal anything tight, from backpacks, bags, fisherman and hunting clothing to diving and wet suits, outdoor jackets and pants.

  • Variety of welding techniques such as lap seams/butt joins, hem, band and sealed seam welding possible
  • Easily accessible welding process
  • Modularly built and quickly modified to match specific customer needs
Leister has the solution
Seam tightness and appearance are an important mark of quality in the textile welding sector. SEAMTEK ensures top quality every time. For maximum accuracy and reliability, the welding process is digitally controlled form beginning to end. It has test programs and 99 settings that can be saved to achieve the ideal welding parameters
  • A differential in the upper wheel prevents folds from occurring
  • Drive wheels can be quickly changed
  • Precise tool guidance
  • Wide range of accessories

Welding Machines
The efficient welding machine welds hems from beginning to end. Ideal for smaller and medium-sized promotional ban-ners and tarpaulins.
The Seamtek 900 AT makes every weld easy. Its great flexibility with completely regulated welding parameters makes this machine the in-dispensable all-rounder for welding technical and industrial textiles. A wide range of accessories guarantees that it can be modified for special applications.