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Fluid and Gas Containers


Tanks for liquids: Water and oil tanks
Flexible tanks are preferred for storing drinking water, rain water or waste water, chemicals and gases. Compared to steel tanks, they are comparatively light and portable, easy to store (can be folded) and require little to install.

Flexible tanks are robust and long lasting and often used in demanding situations or those which require high safety because of their properties. This includes, for example, military purposes, or in the context of infrastructure, technical, sanitary or organizational emergencies, on construction sites, at harbors and more.

Gas tanks: Gas storage for biogas plants Biogas is a form of energy that can be stored and used in many different ways. In addition to electrical and heating power, biogas is increasingly being used as fuel for motor vehicles.

Biogas production is a basis for an economical and ecologically attractive use or re-use of locally available resources.

Leister has the solution
The standards of welding quality and safety (porosity and durability) for liquid and gas tanks naturally have to be very high and can present a challenge for manufacturers of such tanks.

Leister products SEAMTEK 900 AT, UNIPLAN 500 and VARIANT T1 BAND make efficient welding of very strong lap seams possible; welds of up to 64 mm can be made for lap seams/butt joins, hem, band and sealed seams.

Leister supports you with highly precise equipment that stands out in particular for its reliability and safe operation. All products are modular and can be quickly and simply modified for specific customer needs.

  • Test programs to evaluate the ideal welding parameters
  • Wide range of accessories

Welding Machines
The efficient welding machine welds hems from beginning to end. Ideal for smaller and medium-sized promotional ban-ners and tarpaulins.
The Seamtek 900 AT makes every weld easy. Its great flexibility with completely regulated welding parameters makes this machine the in-dispensable all-rounder for welding technical and industrial textiles. A wide range of accessories guarantees that it can be modified for special applications.