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This includes everything from boats, emergency slides, inflatable advertising, bounce houses, sport devices and balloons to mats, buildings and air domes. Whether you need automated processes for making hoses or the difficult cutting pattern of a bounce house, SEAMTEK 36 can be configured and integrated specifically for your needs. The VARTIANT T1 provides the option of a very fast welder. Ideal for long, straight welded seams.

  • Welding of lap seams, fillet welds, and hem seams made from various materials
  • Processing of details
Leister has the solution
The seams in inflatable objects have to be absolutely air-tight. Leisterís hot-air welders and welding machines can meet this demand. The right accessories for more detailed work complete the range.
  • Efficient welding with powerful machines and welders
  • Precise tool guidance
  • Wide range of accessories

Welding Machines
The efficient welding machine welds hems from beginning to end. Ideal for smaller and medium-sized promotional ban-ners and tarpaulins.
The Seamtek 900 AT makes every weld easy. Its great flexibility with completely regulated welding parameters makes this machine the in-dispensable all-rounder for welding technical and industrial textiles. A wide range of accessories guarantees that it can be modified for special applications.