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Forming plastic with hot air
Versatile and durable

Plastics such as PE, PP, and PVC, but also natural products such as linoleum, are easy to form using hot air.

  • Forming pipes: When processing plastic pipes, during plumber's metalwork, for example, the pipes are formed using hot air. The pipe is first heated and then shaped into the required form. Once it has cooled down, the pipe has its new shape. When two pipes are being connected, the larger opening (sleeve) is heated so that it can stretch and the other pipe section is then pushed in. Once the materials have cooled down, this produces a permanent, leaktight connection
  • When preparing for laying plastic geomembranes on roofs or in civil engineering applications, the plastic is formed at awkward points such that it becomes easier to process later on.
  • When plastic or linoleum flooring is being laid, hot air can be used to shape the single ply into the required form, for raising into corners or laying on stairs, for example.
  • Deep drawing/deburring: Hot air is used for forming in the packaging industry, the food industry, and injection molding. We recommend solutions from the Process Heat product line for these application areas.
Leister has the solution
Leister offers a wide range of hand welding tools and matching nozzles for forming plastic. The spectrum of hand welding tools and matching nozzles on offer is just as varied as the range of applications in which forming is utilized.
  • Bar and angled tools with different powers for the right air volume
  • Large selection of matching nozzles
  • Reproducible temperature setting (TRIAC AT)

Hot-air hand tools
Leister's most powerful hand tool ELECTRON ST. Suitable for construction sites.
It is extremely well-suited for flameless shrinking of pallets and bulk goods.
Extremely powerful and compact hot air blower in the industry standard (controlled). Thanks to handle also for mobile use.
The TRIAC AT is an intelligent hot-air hand tool for welding and shrinking plastics that is suitable for on-site use.
Handiness, reliability and versatility are the key arguments in favor of the TRIAC ST.