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Cutting of grooves into all flexible floor coverings made from PVC, PVC-P, PE, and linoleum with Leister

Reliable groove preparation is the foundation of safe welding! The GROOVER grooving machine from Leister is perfect for cutting grooves. It can be equipped with various tungsten carbide-tipped cutting blades and cuts to the same uniform depth even at high speeds. The integrated additional fan and the dustbag ensure that work can be carried out in an environment free of particles and dust.

  • Cutting of grooves of different depths and profiles
Leister has the solution
Thanks to the high groove cutting power, floor coverings are prepared quickly and reliably.
  • Groove cutting of all flexible floor coverings
  • High degree of tracking accuracy
  • Grooves can be cut close to the edge
  • Working in an environment free of particles and dust

Grooving Machines
The lightweight and handy gouging tool GROOVY for defined and clean groove cuts.
The GROOVER grooving machine cuts welding grooves into thick, tough floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE and linoleum.